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Courses purchased through are provided and fully accredited by The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education, and approved by the Delaware Commission on Continuing Legal Education. To view our full accreditation details please .

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Family Law Courses

  • Are You Up To It? Handling High Conflict Custody and Divorce Matters

    Preparation is a key element to the success of divorce and custody cases. This CLE course will focus on cases on the extreme end of the spectrum from collaborative to adversarial. The more adversarial the case, the more specialized skills are required for case management, locating and retaining experts to advance a client’s objective and manage their expectations, case-related costs, cooperation and other key elements of case building. More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Guardianships Across Jurisdictions: Basic Considerations For the Attorney Practitioner

    The guardianship process is notoriously lengthy and complicated. The Uniform Laws Commission (ULC) put forward a set of rules aimed to make guardianship easier for attorneys to understand. The rules, in whole or in part, have since been adopted by 46 states. This CLE course will offer an overview of the practical application of the new ULA rules. The ULA updated the provisions to include inter alia, property management protections, provision with regards to minors subjected to guardian... More Info

    1.6General Credits
  • Walk Away With The Check: How To Win A Business Divorce Case

    A bad business partner can be the downfall of even the most stalwart client. This CLE course will explain the litigation, negotiation and corporate governance expertise required to help your client in a business dispute. The course will cover the 5 corporate provisions that control partner disputes and how to devise a strategic plan to win a business divorce case. The course will also cover issues such as how to time a separation, how to end with the upper hand and valuation me... More Info

    2General Credits
  • The Anatomy of a Criminal Law Case

    This CLE course will present the basics of criminal law from a practical standpoint beginning with the initial phone call all the way through to the courthouse. The course will explain every part of the process from dealings with clients and their families to ADA’s, court staff and juries. Fee negotiations, pleas, cooperation agreements, Supreme Court procedures and motion practice will all be addressed. More Info

    1.3General Credits
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