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  • Family Based Immigration

    Obtaining permanent resident status in the US can be tricky. One of the ways to achieve it is through a family member – either a citizen or green card holder. The process requires filing a family visa petition followed by an application. This CLE course will explain the process from beginning to end and present the various legal and factual issues within each step. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Family Law Basics

    Domestic relations cases are always tricky. This CLE course will present the basic issues that face attorneys in these types of cases as well as the importance of encouraging counsel between parties. The long term ramifications, both financial and otherwise, of divorce and the resulting single parent homes, will be addressed as a means to provide the language to discuss these issues with clients. Tactical strategies for navigating family law matters will also be presented. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Make Sure Both Sides of the Story are Heard: Breaking Down a Domestic Violence Criminal Case

    Designed to provide you with the basics of a domestic violence case, this CLE course will explain all the components of such cases and how crimes are categorized as DV cases. The course will explain the position of domestic violence prosecutors and law enforcement as well as the stages these cases typically go through. Specific case scenarios will be presented. More Info

    1.4General Credits
  • Mandatory Abuse Reporting for Oregon Attorneys

    The elusive education requirements in Oregon for reporting child and elder abuse will be revealed in this anecdote based CLE. The course will present real life examples of the impact of child and elder abuse as well as reporting responsibilities for attorneys. More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Beth Din of America and Agunah Prevention

    The issue of pre-nuptial agreements in Jewish marriages is typically meant as prevention of agunahs (where a husband’s unwillingness to participate in the divorce process traps women in marriages against their will). This CLE course will present the detailed discussions of the Beth Din of America agreement process as well as the newer documents created by other rabbinical courts. The course will also explain the case law that has emerged as a result of the Beth Din of America’s enforcement of... More Info

    1General Credit
  • How to Prepare a Matrimonial Case for Trial Step by Step

    Trial preparation often begins with the first interview. Matrimonial trials are no different where preparation begins with an initial intake form, a Statement of Net Worth and a detailed Preliminary Conference Order. This CLE course will offer a step-by-step review of the proper preparation procedures including discovery, subpoenas, a detailed Trial Notebook and overall coordination of trial strategy. The course will explain the key elements of proper preparation to ensure the best results. More Info

    2.8General Credits
  • Counterclaiming for Custody and Addressing Problems with Discovery

    The difference between the previous and current law regarding counterclaims for custody is critical information for practicing attorneys. This CLE course will explain the change and review how to address discovery violations, non-compliance with discovery by opposing counsel and the collection of attorney fees. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Introduction to Divorce Actions in New Jersey

    Designed for novice attorneys as well as seasoned ones unfamiliar with family law, this CLE course will offer an introduction and overview on the divorce process in New Jersey. The course will address both procedural and substantive issues that may arise during a divorce action as well as the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution techniques. More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Intersection of Elder Law and Estate Planning

    Elder law, a complex group of interconnected areas of laws, impacts individuals and families as well as the critical decisions they must make regarding assets, retirement, estate planning, trusts, and more. Presented by attorney Aaron Futterman, this informative CLE course will explain the impact of elder law in consideration of legal issues of matrimony, trusts, real estate, personal injury, social security, taxes, and debtor/credit law. Medicare, Medicaid, guardianship, veterans’ benefits as... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Strategies for Successful Mediations and Negotiations

    The mediation process involves looking at a case from a variety of angles, understanding the ultimate goal and employing the necessary strategy in order to achieve it. The nature of the dispute and relative bargaining positions of the parties are key elements to how that strategy is devised. This CLE course will explain the position v. interests stance of mediation and how the terms BATNA and Re-Framing may play into the strategies that are employed. Additional strategies, such as those with t... More Info

    1.7General Credits
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