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  • Understanding Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases

    Nursing home cases can be incredibly complex and with today’s aging demographics, they are increasingly common. This important CLE course will help you identify and evaluate nursing home cases, understand what rules apply to these cases (including federal and state regulations and laws), and the primary differences from "normal" personal injury cases. The course will also offers tips and strategies to present these cases persuasively at trial. More Info

    1.5Prof Practice
  • Criminal Defense of #MeToo Cases

    The #MeToo era has resulted in more and more public sex crimes trials. This CLE course, presented by sex crimes defense attorneys and former federal prosecutors will discuss the nuances of sex crimes trial defense. The course will touch on unique criminal defense issues that should be considered during the investigative, pre-trial, trial and post-trial phases of a sex crimes case. The course will address strategies for using experts, how to address confessions and inculpatory s... More Info

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  • What Every Practitioner Needs to Know about Property and Business Interruption Appraisals: A Unique ADR Forum

    Insurance coverage has always been big business, and with catastrophic global events such as hurricanes and wildfires becoming more common, it is even more so. This CLE course will address how to manage situations in which a property or business interruption claim cannot be settled. The course will offer concrete alternatives to litigation, particularly given that insurance policies require parties on both sides to resolve their dispute in Appraisal over the value of loss and damage, which is un... More Info

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  • False Claims Act and COVID-19

    This CLE course will offer a comprehensive update on COVID-19 litigation. The course will include new insights, emerging trends, and successes. A particular focus will be placed on whistleblower litigation and laws as well as the main statutes under which relief from waste, abuse and government fraud may be sought through the state and federal False Claim Acts (FCA’s). The course will explain how the False Claims Act can be used as a tool to fight fraud and will present the current pen... More Info

    1Prof Practice
  • How to Settle Cases During a Pandemic

    With the job market and businesses scrambling to recover from COVID-19, there has been a sharp rise in delinquent account receivables. It is not only debtors who suffer, but creditor clients are losing tremendous revenue as a result of uncollectible debt. This CLE course will present creative negotiation strategies that collection professionals can implement to maximize collections in these difficult times. Using a keen assessment of the situation, long term planning and a bit of empat... More Info

    1Prof Practice
  • The Hatch Act and Politics in the Federal Workplace

    This CLE course is specifically designed for attorneys who work for federal agencies and presents the many complex issues related to partisan politics and Federal employment. The course will discuss the 1939 Hatch Act (codified in 5 U.S.C. 7321 – 7326) as the “Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities” which still, after 80 years, prove challenging for Federal supervisors and attorneys alike. In today’s divisive environment it is particularly important for both attorneys and supervisors t... More Info

    1Prof Practice
  • Everything Attorneys Need to Know in Order to Effectively Master a Residential NY Real Estate Contract

    New York Residential Real Estate contracts have many moving parts. This CLE course is designed to decipher all the details covered in these contracts as well as the foundation of the provisions. The course will cover amplification, modification and removal or embellishment of the various provisions in order to effectively protect your clients whether they are the sellers or the purchasers. More Info

    2Prof Practice
  • Ethical Issues Concerning Retainer Agreements, Website Management, and Termination Letters

    This comprehensive CLE course will present the many issues involved in engaging clients through Engagement Letters. The course will address how to create effective Engagement Letters as well as developing and maintaining firm websites for the purpose of minimizing potential representation risks as well as for determining when termination of the Attorney/Client relationship is necessary. The course will introduce participants to the appropriate forms and strategies when facing a... More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • "Sweat Equity" in Small Businesses and Venture Startups: The Legal and Tax Issues

    Issuing shares that are (nearly) tax-free is relatively simple when a small business or start-up first launches. When a shareholder or LLC member receives “sweat equity” or shares in exchange for labor, the tax and legal issues become a bit more complicated. This entertaining, fast-paced CLE course will explain the issues of treating “sweat equity” workers as regular employees as opposed to independent contractors, as well as explain the use of restricted stock, options, warrants and o... More Info

    1Prof Practice
  • Post Disaster Insurance Resolution

    Losing your home or business can feel like an irrecoverable loss. And on top of everything, there are thousands of decisions that need to be made in the wake of such a tragedy. This CLE course will help attorneys to better advise property owners throughout the insurance claim process. The course will offer a comprehensive understanding of the many opportunities and challenges as they restore their property and livelihood. The course will present a detailed overview of recovery in the s... More Info

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