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United Institute for Continuing Legal Education offers CLE courses accredited in many states throughout the country. Attorneys licensed in the Virgin Islands may earn 20 credit hours with us. To view our full accreditation details please .

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  • Criminal Defense Appeals

    Presented from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney, this comprehensive CLE course will focus on appeals to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeal. Utilizing a practical approach, the course will dramatically increase an attorney’s chance of success by offering tips and strategies for framing issues, the use of key phrases, presenting procedural history and statements of fact as well as other key elements. The course will also address the importance of oral arguments an... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Know What Evidence You Have and How to Use That Evidence at Trial

    Attorneys must go beyond simply uncovering evidence that proves or disproves a case. They must consider how the facts and the law work together and ensure that the evidence they uncover is admitted so that it may impact the outcome of a case. Regardless of whether it is a civil or criminal trial being tried in front of a judge or a jury, when it comes to the presentation of evidence, preparation is key. This CLE course will offer tips and strategies for preparing for evidence presentat... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Hot Topics in Employment Law Since #MeToo

    The beginning of the #MeToo movement can ostensibly be traced to when the New York Times published a bombshell expose that revealed decades of abuse and sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, a previously untouchable Hollywood mogul. The article, entitled Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades, quotes a partner of the instructors' firm. Five years later, the #MeToo movement, a name inspired by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke, who years earlier h... More Info

    2General Credits
  • They Said What! Handling Multiple Consistent or Inconsistent Statements in Criminal Cases

    The challenges in criminal cases are too vast to enumerate. From complicated and seemingly contradictory laws to complex procedures, criminal law can be taxing for even the most seasoned attorney. This CLE course will focus specifically on the witness statement aspect of a criminal case and how they should be handled by attorneys during the investigative and prosecutorial stages. The course will examine a case in chronological order, beginning with investigation and running through tri... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Math as a Powerful Tool in Law: Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Employment and Chapter 11

    Surprisingly, statistics and probability are useful tools when handling various legal areas. This is particularly relevant for Title VII actions in which the numbers can reveal whether under-representation by certain minority groups have impacted pay, benefits or employment conditions or whether the differentials are due to chance. This CLE course will explain step-by-step the process of using statistics to make these determinations from defining the populations to taking mathematical... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Criminal Defense of #MeToo Cases

    The #MeToo era has resulted in more and more public sex crimes trials. This CLE course, presented by sex crimes defense attorneys and former federal prosecutors will discuss the nuances of sex crimes trial defense. The course will touch on unique criminal defense issues that should be considered during the investigative, pre-trial, trial and post-trial phases of a sex crimes case. The course will address strategies for using experts, how to address confessions and inculpatory s... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Criminal Dog Bite Cases for Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Prosecutors and Judges

    Dog bite cases might not seem common, but they cause disruptions to public safety. Dog bites can happen to anyone and they can have tragic consequences. Presented by a former prosecutor with years of experience in the area, this CLE course will explain the role of public safety and animal control officers as well as law enforcement and prosecutors in ensuring the safety of the community from both reckless owners and stray dogs. More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • Handling Current Legal Ethical Issues

    Remote work became the norm during COVID-19 and with it many practical issues arose, particularly for attorneys. This CLE course will address some of those issues particularly with regards to discussing personal legal matters with work employees. The course will present examples of attorneys acting as overzealous advocates for their clients and how that can result in lawyers crossing ethical boundaries. More Info

    1.25Ethics Credits
  • DUI 101: The Road to the Best Possible Outcome in a DUI Case

    Covering the basics of California DUI cases, this CLE course will address how to deal with a client facing a DUI charge as well as the different roles played by a DUI advocate. The course will present the structure for analyzing and breaking down a DUI investigation, dealing with the DMV and strategies for favorable dispositions and DUI defense. More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Valuable Data Through the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

    How prepared are you to bring a civil action under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? This CLE will offer an assessment of how to prepare to bring a civil action, the statute’s scope and its legal requirements. The course will also review the Supreme Court’s recent interpretation of this stature in Van Buren v. US as well as alternative causes of action you can take to protect your data from company insiders. More Info

    1General Credit
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