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United Institute for Continuing Legal Education offers CLE courses accredited in many states throughout the country. Attorneys licensed in the Virgin Islands may earn 20 credit hours with us. To view our full accreditation details please .

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Mental Health and Substance Use Courses

  • Coronavirus and Your Mental Health: A Lawyer’s Guide to Coping with Isolation, Anxiety and Fear in Uncertain Times

    Messages about COVID-19 seem almost as prevalent as the virus itself. They are bombarding us through all forms of media as well as in conversations with family and friends. In such stressful times, it is that much easier for stress, fear and negative thinking to take over. Whether you are afraid of the virus itself or simply of being exposed and then quarantined, the isolation these circumstances create can have a dramatic effect on one's well-being. This can easily spiral into alcoholism, add... More Info

    1Mental Health/Abuse
  • Intervention Strategies for Helping Legal Professionals

    The staggering number of substance abuse and mental health issues in the legal profession requires that the legal community at large be aware of the problem and informed how to address it when needed. Best practices for doing so and tips and strategies to effectively provide assistance to someone in need will be covered in this important and comprehensive CLE course presented by a former addict. Real-life stories will be included. More Info

    1.25Mental Health/Abuse
  • Dying for a Laugh: Lessons Learned from Lawyers in Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

    The statistics for mental illness and substance abuse are rising nationwide, and yet, compared to the normal population, the statistics for attorneys and law students is striking. The degree to and rate at which they are suffering is increasingly cause for alarm. This CLE course will explain the real-life impact of these diseases on a person’s life and practice. The course will address and how and when to get help and the importance of erasing the public stigma associated with these illnesses.... More Info

    1Mental Health/Abuse
  • The Realities of Mental Health and Substance Abuse and How to Practice Wellness in the Legal Profession

    The impact of substance abuse and mental health issues on the legal profession is greatly misunderstood and underestimated. This CLE course will explain how to recognize the signs of impairment and inform attorneys about methods for early intervention. The course will present the various assistance programs available as well as tips for how to make wellness an integral part of an attorney’s daily life. More Info

    1Mental Health/Abuse
  • Lawyers, Thrive and Be Alive: Substance Abuse Prevention Techniques to Save Our Law Firms and Ourselves

    The practice of law is known to wreak havoc on a person’s quality of life. Long hours, intense workloads and unyielding pressure can cause even the most well-balanced person becomes shells of their former selves with no time for family or friends. This CLE course, taught by lawyer and nutritional health coach Michelle Niemeyer will explain how to improve focus and boost productivity to avoid lawyer burnout so you can enjoy your practice and your life. More Info

    1.5Mental Health/Abuse
  • No Lawyer Left Behind: Substance Abuse Prevention Techniques to Save our Law Firms and Ourselves

    Alcohol and substance abuse are an ongoing and ever-growing problem in the field of law. Combined with the statistics on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, the numbers are indeed troubling. Part 1 of a 2 part series, this CLE course will provide lawyers and firm management with the information they need to identify and address these issues as well as prevention mechanisms that may be employed. More Info

    1Mental Health/Abuse
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