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  • Fundamental Rights to a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment: The Case for Green Amendments

    Environmental law is constantly in flux these days and its intersection with constitutional law makes for a fascinating study that may prove promising in the area of public interest environmental law and advocacy, specifically fundamental environmental rights. Known as Green Amendments, these are self-executing provisions that may be added to the bill of rights of a constitution which serve to recognize and to protect people’s rights, include people of future generations, to clean wate... More Info

    1.52General Credits
  • The New Wave of Benzene Litigation: Class Actions

    Traditionally, the plaintiffs in benzene personal injury litigation have alleged that their use of paints, solvents, varnishes, and other petroleum-based products caused them to develop blood cancers. When in 2021, benzene was found in deodorants, sunscreens, and other personal care products, consumer class action cases were filed in federal district courts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, California, and Ore... More Info

    1.12General Credits
  • PFAS: The New Contaminant of Enormous Concern

    As global warning becomes an increasing concern and technology evolves to address it, the issue of “forever chemicals” has moved to the forefront. This CLE course will address the regulations for new varieties of contaminants and PFAS chemicals. The course will address PFAS chemicals as they relate to federal and state regulations surrounding drinking water, the strictest of which is New York State. The course will address the difficulties faced by public water suppliers to ach... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Federal and Environmental Agenda: 1 Year Into The Biden Administration

    The first year of the Biden Administration offers a great deal in the enactment of federal environmental policies. This comprehensive CLE course will cover the policies of the first year as well as future legislation, Executive Branch policies and future court cases which may be key issues in the coming years. The course will focus primarily on climate change including renewable energy sources, regulation issues surrounding “forever chemical” such as PFAS, Clean Air act stationary and... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Meteorology and the Law: Hazardous Weather Preparedness and Litigation

    Weather-related lawsuits primarily stem from a failure to properly prepare for weather-related events, whether due to lack of knowledge or misinformation. Advance preparation for major or even minor weather hazards can protect lives, property and communities, particularly in a changing climate. This CLE course will introduce a survey of the field of forensic meteorology and explain how weather data is analyzed to reconstruct past events and anticipate future ones. The course will provi... More Info

    1.28General Credits
  • The Rights of Nature: Theory, Laws, and Emerging Jurisprudence

    This CLE course will present lawyers with the fundamentals of creating legally enforceable rights for ecosystems, which is an emerging area of environmental law which elevates protections to a level comparable with human civil rights laws. The course will explain the legal theory behind “rights of nature” laws and will also examine the anatomy of laws that have already been adopted by US municipal governments. Case studies on the enforcement of rights of nature laws as well as of inter... More Info

    2.5General Credits
  • The Biden Administration Environmental Agenda

    President Biden’s first day in office was a whirlwind of executive orders, many designed to change the environmental rules enacted by Trump which created sweeping changes to regulations governing environmental and natural resources. This CLE course will explain these changes, specifically those impacting climate change and other Clean Air Act initiatives as well as new directions for the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and waste management. More Info

    1General Credit
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