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  • Municipal Law: General Civil Overview

    Many people may not realize the significant impact of municipal law on our day-to-day lives. Municipal lawyers play a crucial role in serving various municipal entities, such as cities, towns, boroughs, counties, and special districts. In their practice, municipal attorneys handle a wide spectrum of legal matters, ranging from advising governing authorities to defending against legal claims brought against the municipality. They are also involved in drafting ordinances and managing contracts f... More Info

    1.07General Credits
  • Learning The Basics of Conducting a Social Security Disability Case

    This informative CLE course will provide you with everything you need to know to prove the disability of a client, all the steps leading to a hearing and how to prepare, The course will review the different disability programs and their eligibility requirements. The course will also explain how the Social Security Administration defines disability as well as how to determine the correct application to process and what the application process is like. Appeals for applications that are... More Info

    1.58General Credits
  • Social Security Disability 101: What Attorneys Need to Know From Beginning to End

    Social Security Disability Practice contains within it a complex web of processes, challenges and analysis in order to successfully secure benefits for disabled individuals. This CLE course will present a comprehensive overview of the area, including an in-depth examination of the process, the various issues that may arise and how to present effective solutions. The course will offer critical insights into managing the complexities of Social Security Disability, and providing the skill... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Overhaul of Regulatory Capital Requirements Proposed By US Banking Regulators

    This CLE course will examine the new, and fairly extensive, list of revisions to the regulatory capital requirements for both large and midsize banking organizations which were jointly proposed by US federal banking regulators. The revisions, which are quite lengthy, would seriously alter the requirements for market, credit, and operational risk, and while many of these revisions have long been anticipated, such as the re-evaluation of use of internal models, others are quite novel, such as th... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Establishing Clear Standards for Compliant Pharmaceutical Marketing to Limit Liability for Off-Label Promotion

    In recent years, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have undergone transformative changes, significantly impacting their research-based approaches. This course explores these momentous developments, including the emergence of digital-based health technologies, the integration of real-world experience (RWE) and real-world data (RWD) in the drug approval process, and the widespread dissemination of evolving medical information to a diverse audience. While these advancements offer t... More Info

    1.03General Credits
  • What If the Government Doesn’t Save My Client’s Bank? Preparing For the Next Bank Crisis

    Though extraordinary intervention by the government and private sector protected uninsured depositors, the recent banking system crisis resulted in several failures and a loss of confidence, especially for owners and debtholders who lost everything. The crisis further highlighted that there is no expectation of the government protecting uninsured depositors if another bank fails. This CLE course, presented by a regulatory partner at a prominent law firm, will examine the recent trauma... More Info

    1.05General Credits
  • War Crimes in The Star Wars Universe Episode V: Conflicts, Disputes and More

    In this episode, we will explore the legality of Darth Vader’s droid program under international law and the law of armed conflict as well as its parallels to today’s drone programs. This CLE course will examine the Battle of Hoth, the role of military contractors such as Boba Fett in the law of war, whether Lando Calrissian’s trickery of Luke Skywalker and his friends constitutes a potential war crime, Darth Vader’s questionable treatment of detainees and the legal ramification of Luk... More Info

    1.07General Credits
  • A Basic Overview of Tennessee Workers' Compensation Law

    Offering a comprehensive overview of the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act, this informative CLE course will help attorneys navigate the many complexities of filing a worker’s compensation claim in the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Tennessee Court of Workers’ Compensation. The course will present information relevant to applicable affirmative defenses as well as how to determine the eventual outcome of a case that is brought before the Tennessee Court of Workers’... More Info

    2.05General Credits
  • Navigating the SEC and CFTC Whistleblowing Programs

    Whistleblower programs are not a particularly well known or understood feature of the various entities which have them, including the SEC, IRS and CFTC. This CLE course will present an overview of these programs including eligibility, anonymity and the whistleblower process. The course will review the steps needed to file a claim with each agency and explain how claims are analyzed. The course will then delve deeper into the various ambiguities in the whistleblower awards process and p... More Info

    1.02General Credits
  • Recent Constitutional Challenges to Rent Regulations

    The Fifth Amendment holds that no person shall be “deprived of … property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”. Given that, how can state governments require landlords to maintain rents below market levels? Since the 1920’s, this issue has been raised numerous times and also comes down in favor of the government’s authority to regulate rents. This CLE course will analyze recent federal court challenges to the rent l... More Info

    1General Credit
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