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  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Obligations for Lawyers

    Focusing on the vast cyber threats to the legal community, this CLE course will explain why lawyers are such tempting targets to hackers. The course will explain the cost of data breaches and an attorney’s obligation to cybersecurity, particularly in the context of ESI. This course will include discussions on general ethical responsibilities that lawyers have when it comes to securing both their clients’ and opposing parties’ data. Discussions of the threat landscape, what to be on th... More Info

    1.02General Credits
  • Making the Most of Mock Trials

    Mock trials are similar to dress rehearsals – useful but not necessarily predictive. They are very useful in determining and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case, but just because a mock trial is successful doesn’t mean the court case will be. Designed for seasoned litigators as well as novice, small firm practitioners, this CLE course will explain how to utilize mock trials as learning tools for gathering insight, practicing strategy and obtaining a view of how yo... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Introduction to Paper Discovery and Depositions

    The success of a case hinges on many things. Having a discovery plan at the outset, and the ability to implement that plan, is vital both to your success and your ability to increase the overall recovery amount. A workable plan also helps to reduce the stress and resources on your practice when dealing with document dumps and massive discovery demands. This CLE course will explain how to use "paper discovery" efficiently and economically in Civil and Special Civil matters. It is inte... More Info

    1General Credit
  • To Prosecute or Not To Prosecute? Analyzing Ethical Rules Telling Prosecutors When and How They Can Do Their Job

    Whether and how to prosecute a case is not an open and shut issue. This CLE course will present prosecutors with the rules which limit the possibility of prosecuting certain cases as well as the guidelines for how they can and should be prosecuted. But this course does not only apply to prosecutors, as defense attorneys can use this information to attempt to dissuade prosecutors to drop cases or try them in a specific way. The course will explain and analyze these rules and gui... More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • The New Wave of Benzene Litigation: Class Actions

    Traditionally, the plaintiffs in benzene personal injury litigation have alleged that their use of paints, solvents, varnishes, and other petroleum-based products caused them to develop blood cancers. When in 2021, benzene was found in deodorants, sunscreens, and other personal care products, consumer class action cases were filed in federal district courts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, California, and Ore... More Info

    1.12General Credits
  • Rules and Principles of The Division of Real Estate Between Married and Unmarried Partners

    Divorce is difficult – both emotionally and financially. Separating lives that were once united is complicated from every respect and the division of assets is one of the most combative issues couples face. This CLE course will focus on the division of real estate and the importance of prenuptial and mid-marriage agreements in protecting a spouse’s interest in a property, particularly when a down payment was provided by a family member. The course will explain the various pitfa... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Liberty’s Last Champion: The Validity of "Science" Evidence and Court Practice

    Our legal system asserts that it provides justice before the law, but not everyone would agree that the system is designed to ensure it. Civil and criminal cases bring about some difficult issues and science, along with some common sense, can often provide solutions. One example of this is DNA, a tool which can guard against false conclusions, but that can also be misleading. Our ability to differentiate between good, reliable science and junk science is key to this. This CLE course... More Info

    1.02General Credits
  • Pennsylvania's Preliminary Hearing Makes a Comeback

    According to the United States Supreme Court, the preliminary hearing is a critical stage of a criminal prosecution. Yet Commonwealth v. McClelland destroyed the preliminary hearing. This informative CLE program will review and analyze the evolution of the preliminary hearing and examine how it slowly returned to being a powerful instrument of due process. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Legal Ethics: Lawyer and Client Relationship

    This CLE course will familiarize private practice attorneys with tips and strategies to avoid unintentionally committing UPL violations. This applies particularly to those who perform transactional work and/or are telecommuting from a state or states that is outside where they are admitted to practice. Addressing the contours of what constitutes the unauthorized practice of law (UPL), this CLE course, based partially on an article I had written, will open with a walk through of LegalZ... More Info

    1.12Ethics Credits
  • Ace Your Case: Trial Preparation and Strategy

    Preparation for a successful civil trial requires advanced thought and planning. This CLE course will take you through a step-by-step from mapping out the trial strategy to the closing statements. The course will address how to plan the proving of your case, anticipating and refuting counter-actions and the organization of physical evidence. How to prep witnesses to get your proof into evidence, pre-trial motions, particularly motions in limine and how to anticipate evidentiary issues,... More Info

    1.28General Credits
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