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  • How To Write a Persuasive Motion

    There’s an art to drafting legal motions. This one-hour CLE course will help practicing attorneys looking to enhance their advocacy skills by offering tools for constructing engaging factual narratives, structuring compelling arguments, and navigating the stages of motion practice. The course will also explain how to master citation formats, address ethical issues and other topics critical to effective motion writing. Useful for both seasoned and novice attorneys, this course offers va... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Misconduct in the Representation of a Client

    This CLE course will focus on the application and scope of Model Rules 1.16 and 8.4(d). Presented by two experienced practitioners, the course will address the recent amendment to Rule 1.16 and whether it merely codifies a duty that already existed or imposes completely new duties on attorneys in order to monitor how their clients utilize their services. Those opposed maintain that the amendment is a substantial change made by the ABA under pressure from the Department of Treasury, Con... More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • New Developments in Veterans Affairs Law

    Designed for practitioners who assist veterans through the complex VA bureaucracy to claim benefits related to toxic exposure during military service, the CLE course will review the new issues that have arisen concerning Blue Water and the potential for expansion to Okinawa and Panama. While Veteran Law suffered a setback when they lost a critical Federal Circuit case on the Blue Water Navy, the regulations published by the VA offers hope for a new array of possibilities. More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Building Your Practice While Complying with the Attorney Advertising Rules

    Building a practice involves tremendous complexity, and building one in compliance with ethical standards is even more challenging. This CLE course will offer best practices and techniques to build a practice that complies with attorney advertising rules. Presented by experts with decades of experience in law, advertising, marketing, PR, as well as one who is a veteran Air Force Officer and Georgetown Law graduate, the course will explain attorney advertising rules and their relationship to so... More Info

    2Ethics Credits
  • How Magnuson-Moss and UCC Article 2 Apply to Car Warranty Claims: Dealing with Lemons

    Lemon law cases have a logic all their own. This CLE course will provide general practitioners with the basic legal concepts necessary to litigate a lemon law case. The course will present express and implied warranties, both under state laws and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as state Lemon Laws and fraud and state consumer fraud acts. Participants will be advised of the basic conceptual tools to handle these types of cases. More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • The Use of Investigators in Litigation Matters

    Lawyers play a pivotal role in litigation matters through thorough investigations. They delve into the parties involved and the factual backdrop using various methods like third-party investigators, scouring public records, witness interviews, and sometimes surveillance. Occasionally, lawyers also probe into their own clients or witnesses to ensure accuracy in representations or to address suspicions of deceit. Understanding clients' backgrounds aids in crafting effective strategies, e... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • The Mathematics of Charitable Planning

    Giving funds to charities helps people, communities and causes, and also helps the giver, saving tax dollars and providing recognition and security. Making charitable giving a part of a client’s plan can be a useful tool for tax, estate and charitable planners. The most popular techniques for tax and charitable benefits include: Charitable Remainder Trusts Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts Qualified Charitable Dispositions of IRAs Transfer of Remainder Interests This infor... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Basic Business Lawyering For Small Company Clients

    Small companies have specific legal concerns, and they are not always the same as those that apply to medium or large companies. Their legal needs may differ as well. This informative introductory CLE course will help new attorneys planning to practice business law as well as seasoned attorneys looking to pivot to the area and represent smaller companies, typically described as those with less than $100M annual revenue and fewer than 500 employees, with the skills to navigate these are... More Info

    3.75Law & Legal Proc.
  • The Rise of The Machines: A Lawyer's Guide to Avoiding Legal Extinction

    Designed for both novice and seasoned attorneys alike, this CLE course will offer a basic overview to the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform legal tasks. Participants will be given the knowledge and perspective needed to successfully integrate AI into their work successfully, ensuring their practice remains competitive and relevant. The course begins with a breakdown of AI and Machine Learning (ML), and explains each one’s practical legal applications. The course... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Data Privacy in Higher Education

    This CLE course is tailored for attorneys seeking enhanced insight into the distinctive data privacy challenges pertinent to the realm of higher education. Given the multifaceted nature of colleges and universities, adherence to data privacy regulations is paramount, affecting students, staff, alumni, donors, and the institution's operations at large. The course aims to furnish a comprehensive introduction to the intricacies of data privacy within the higher education sector, addressing... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
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