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  • The Mathematics of Charitable Planning

    Giving funds to charities helps people, communities and causes, and also helps the giver, saving tax dollars and providing recognition and security. Making charitable giving a part of a client’s plan can be a useful tool for tax, estate and charitable planners. The most popular techniques for tax and charitable benefits include: Charitable Remainder Trusts Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts Qualified Charitable Dispositions of IRAs Transfer of Remainder Interests This infor... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • The Mathematics of Estate Tax Planning

    There are vast differences in how the federal estate tax varies depending on the financial dynamics that apply to each family. These are both influenced by and impact growth, values, spending, income tax rates, discounts, and many others. Any attempt to apply common strategies without being specific to the parties involved will result in less-than-optimal planning results as well as unnecessary federal estate tax payments. More problematic is the failure to consider income tax implication... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Tax Law Logic for Non Tax Lawyers

    The subject of taxes is a universal legal issue. Whether you pay taxes, file for taxes or are subject to others who do, it’s imperative to understand the foundation upon which determination will be made on what is owed, when it is due, or whether a crime has been committed. These issues are determined by tax law and tax assessments, which are based on principles that provide that foundation and a clear understanding of these is necessary for testing and protecting one’s own tax positions as we... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Unusually Important Federal Tax Cases: What Attorneys Need to Know

    This CLE program delves into six recent federal taxation cases that hold significant importance for tax attorneys. It offers valuable insights for business law attorneys navigating the complexities of federal taxation. By examining court opinions, participants will gain an understanding of how federal tax law evolves in contrast to legislative and regulatory processes. The cases discussed in this program encompass various taxation topics including: Valuation of family-held S corporat... More Info

    2Law & Legal Proc.
  • 1031 Exchanges: Ethical Considerations

    Navigating 1031 Exchanges can be intricate, and this in-depth CLE course is designed to unravel the complexities. This course will elucidate optimal strategies and a diverse range of ethical considerations associated with 1031 Exchanges. The agenda encompasses key aspects such as Qualifying Property, Scope of Representation, Conflicts of Interest, Identification, Qualified Intermediaries, and additional relevant topics. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Guardianships

    Guardianship proceedings differ from advanced directives such as health care proxies and powers of attorney. This CLE course will address the basics of guardianship proceedings, also known as conservatorships in some states, when such proceedings should be commenced and what courts look for in these proceedings. The course will also explain the Uniform Health Care Decisions Act, which was passed in many states and explain a variety of issues related to guardianships/conservatorships th... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Common Issues with Navigating the Changing Landscape of Multistate Taxation of Crypto Currency & Crypto Based Companies

    State Taxation varies across US states. The State and Local Tax (SALT) levels in particular are different for every jurisdiction with their own tax code and tax treatment for different types of applications. For example, the revenue from a particular company is classified in California may vary widely from how it is viewed in Texas. The US Supreme Court, citing the Commerce Clause and various other constitutional considerations, places limitations on a state’s power to tax. One of these rela... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Tax Consequences of Retiring or Selling Your Law Practice

    This CLE course will address the tax consequences of retiring or leaving a law firm or professional partnership such as an LLC or PLLC. The course will present the issue through the lens of the recent Tax Court decision to provide guidance and point out potential tax traps. The course will also analyze practice goodwill and client-based intangible assets. The course will also include the applicable provisions that can be applied to sales and redemptions. More Info

    1.5Law & Legal Proc.
  • Business Valuation for Attorneys

    There is a valuation process that takes place with every client, and determining the value of a client’s business or business interest is often critical to meeting their needs and can impact the outcome of their case. Valuation is therefore crucial to a variety of legal issues such as divorce, estate planning, partnership disputes, sales and other transactions. This CLE course will offer a review of the potential needs and basic tenets of valuations. The course will explain the options... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • How to Prepare for Long-Term Care Costs

    The demographics of aging has an impact on many areas of law, including insurance law. This CLE course will discuss the impact on wealth transfer as well as other issues that arise from using long-term care insurance to provide for aging individuals. The course will address the various tax opportunities available to business owners who seek to protect themselves and their families by leveraging their businesses. The course will also cover Medicaid planning and other products that addre... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
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