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Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis and The Art of Negotiation

    The 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis just passed, and as one of the most examined crises in American history, it’s still a hotly debated topic. While it unfolded, it held the attention of the entire world. The ending seemed positive, but was that the result of careful mediation and wise, informed decision making, or was it just luck? This riveting CLE course will examine the negotiations that transpired during the crisis, the various actors and their decisions and how they... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Legal Ethics and the Mediation Process

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has grown a great deal over the past 10 years, particularly in the area of mediation. This process, however, is one that many counsel lack familiarity with. This CLE course, presented by Judge Scheinkman, will explain the importance of ethical considerations as they relate to settlement negotiations. The nature of mediation requires that parties abide by ethical rules and good faith in negotiations. Trust in this regard is not a relative concept,... More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • Mediation Ethics for Mediators and Mediation Advocates

    As with all areas of law, the ethical rules that apply to mediation can be complex. This CLE course will assist both mediation advocates and third-party neutrals in understanding and working within these standards. The course will offer a review of the Model Standards that were designed and are recommended by the ABA (American Bar Association) as well as the AAA (American Arbitration Association and the ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution). The course will offer examples of how th... More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • Labor and Employment Law Update: What’s New and What’s Next

    This informative CLE course will present updates and developments to both New York State and Federal labor and employment laws. The course will address the latest requirements resulting from COVID, as well as unemployment insurance related to 1099’s, discrimination, sick leave, updates to hour and wage laws, workers’ compensation issues, electronic monitoring, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, arbitration agreements and other tips and strategies for navigating these complexi... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • Effective Mediation: What the Mediator Needs to Know to Resolve Your Case

    It might be surprising, but over 95% of civil cases settle before trial. This CLE course will explain this pre-trial resolution statistic as a result of the effectiveness of mediation. Designed to assist both new and seasoned attorneys in streamlining oral and written presentations for mediation and getting crucial information in front of a mediator. More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • What Every Practitioner Needs to Know about Property and Business Interruption Appraisals: A Unique ADR Forum

    Insurance coverage has always been big business, and with catastrophic global events such as hurricanes and wildfires becoming more common, it is even more so. This CLE course will address how to manage situations in which a property or business interruption claim cannot be settled. The course will offer concrete alternatives to litigation, particularly given that insurance policies require parties on both sides to resolve their dispute in Appraisal over the value of loss and damage, which is un... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • How to Settle Cases During a Pandemic

    With the job market and businesses scrambling to recover from COVID-19, there has been a sharp rise in delinquent account receivables. It is not only debtors who suffer, but creditor clients are losing tremendous revenue as a result of uncollectible debt. This CLE course will present creative negotiation strategies that collection professionals can implement to maximize collections in these difficult times. Using a keen assessment of the situation, long term planning and a bit of empat... More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • A Voyage Through the Terrain of NYS Administrative Hearings

    New York State administrative adjudicatory proceedings can be complex and difficult to wade through. This CLE course, designed to assist new and unfamiliar attorneys as well as Administrative Law judges, will offer comprehensive instruction on the key points of New York administrative hearing practices to help attorneys understand its procedures. The course will offer an overview on the initial establishment of the New York State administrative hearing process as well as how administra... More Info

    2.75Law & Legal Proc.
  • Legal Debt Collection: Best Practices in the Current Environment

    Debt collection has many potential pitfalls. This CLE course will present the various methods that are most effective in debt collection law practice. The course will review the potential challenges as well as offer tips and strategies for how to avoid them. Offering a basic review for those exploring the field, the course will cover legal practice issues from the start of the process through resolution. More Info

    1Law & Legal Proc.
  • The New Infrastructure Bill and Your Need to Understand Design-Build and Engineer-Procure-Construct Projects

    This CLE course will offer insight regarding the issues that attorneys should consider when drafting construction contracts. The course will review: Drafting Mechanics Liens Delay Damages Termination Liquidated vs. Actual Damages Material Escalation Costs Change Orders Insurance Bonds Dispute Resolution More Info

    1.5Law & Legal Proc.
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